Patagonia Provisions

Image of Patagonia Provisions anchovies on toastIf you are road tripping or camping this summer—or even simply need to make some quick meals at home, Patagonia Provisions is a fantastic way to enjoy delicious and nutritious foods that are absolutely top quality.

Everything Patagonia Provisions makes is created to help solve the environmental crisis. To restore our depleted oceans and soils, they use regenerative practices that are often based on pre-industrial ways of growing and harvesting. The bonus is wild, organic foods that are free from pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs.

Patagonia’s mussels are a delicious source of protein, omega-3s, iron, and vitamin B-12. What’s more, mussels improve both water quality and aquatic ecosystems as they grow, and provide a model of restorative ocean farming.

These plump, canned, Smoked Mussels are smoked over bay wood and packed with organic extra-virgin olive oil and mussel broth, they’re great as a snack out on the trail or pulled out of your kitchen pantry for a fast pasta or salad at home.

Savory Sofrito Mussels are seasoned with aromatic vegetables, sherry, and Spanish paprika.

Lemon Herb Mussels are seasoned with aromatic thyme and lemon.

A small fish with the mild taste and meaty texture of a big fish, Wild Atlantic mackerel is an excellent source of protein and vitamin B-12. Their Smoked Mackerel packs easily for camping and makes a great pantry staple for a quick pasta, salads, and more.

Smoked Mackerel is smoked over bay wood with no other seasonings except salt and extra-virgin olive oil.

Roasted Garlic Mackerel is made with roasted garlic and silky extra-virgin olive oil to highlight the delicate flavor of this responsibly-sourced, wild Atlantic mackerel.

Lemon Caper Mackerel is seasoned with bright, tangy lemons and capers.

Spanish White Anchovies
Unlike the salty, fishy anchovy filets of pizza fame, our canned Spanish White Anchovies are prized for their mild flavor and delicate texture and are hand-packed in extra-virgin organic olive oil. White anchovies are small, schooling fish that allow us to enjoy seafood with the health and environmental benefits of eating lower on the food chain.

Roasted Garlic Spanish White Anchovies are made with roasted garlic and silky extra-virgin olive oil.

Lemon Olive Spanish White Anchovies are seasoned with tangy lemon and extra-virgin olive oil.

Sockeye Salmon
Harvested from responsibly managed fisheries in the icy waters of the North Pacific, Wild Sockeye Salmon is fish you can appreciate on every level. The fillets are brined and lightly smoked to highlight the fine flavor, deep red color, and firm texture for which sockeye are prized.

Useful for when you’re out on the trail, these packs are handy kitchen pantry staples, too. The fillets are thick-cut and firm (versus lox, which is cold-smoked, silky, and sliced ribbon-thin). That means they’re incredibly versatile and good eaten right out of the pack or added to grains, soups, salads, omelets, and sandwiches. What’s more, the fillets can be used in a wide range of cuisines, from Latin American to Mediterranean to Asian.

Original, Lightly Smoked fillets are brined and lightly smoked to highlight the flavor.

The Lemon Pepper fillets are brined and seasoned with organic lemon and cracked black pepper.

Organic Soup Mixes
The dry mix soup cooks up in minutes for a restorative meal on the trail or at home. These are perfect for taking on backpacking trips or enjoying at home.

Organic Black Bean Soup is a rich, thick soup mix that harnesses the nourishing power of organic beans, which recharge the soil with nutrients and provide a good source of protein and fiber. They use whole and puréed beans, with sweet corn and spicy chipotle chiles for even more flavor and texture.

Organic Red Bean Chili is made from whole beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, and spices, and has the heft and flavor of slow-cooked natural chili that is ready in minutes. A nutritious source of plant-based protein and fiber, beans benefit the earth by producing natural nitrogen fertilizer that enriches the soil.

Organic Green Lentil Soup harnesses the nourishing power of legumes, which provide a satisfying source of protein and fiber. Bulgur wheat, onions, bell pepper, garlic, and ginger add even more fiber and flavor.


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