Pistol River Dried Mushrooms

Bowl of morels for Pistol River Dried Mushrooms

Fall flavors for your seasonal dishes.
Pistol River Dried Mushrooms offer some of the highest quality dried mushrooms at decent prices. Their mushrooms are consistently of high quality—flavorful and textured.

We use them in rice dishes, stews, soups, meat and egg dishes, gravies, stir-fries, spaghetti sauce, and omelets. Plus, it is an easy way to add the health benefits of mushrooms to your everyday dishes.

Just soak the mushrooms in hot tap water for about 10 minutes, rinse, and chop to the size you wish. Add them to the cooking rice after about half the water has been absorbed.

All Pistol River mushrooms are naturally air-dried without chemicals. Remember to store your dried mushrooms in the freezer. There they will keep their flavor, texture, and color, and will last indefinitely.

About Pistol River Farms
Pistol River Mushroom Farm is a family-owned business located on the Southern Oregon Coast in a small town called Pistol River, approximately 25 miles north of the California border. Started in 1999, they package varieties of dried mushrooms, imported from all over the world.

Pistol River insists on all their mushrooms being naturally grown, harvested, and air-dried. No chemicals or pesticides are used in the growing or drying process.

This is what we currently have in stock

Chanterelles grow wild in the forests of the USA, Europe, and Asia and are one of the most beautiful mushrooms in the forest. With its bright golden color, they can be seen from a distance against the backdrop of autumn color. Chanterelles are sought after by Culinary Experts all around the globe for their appealing fruity fragrance and wonderful earthy taste. These mushrooms are harvested in the forests of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. They will add wonders to your cooking.

Mixed Wild
This is a mix of three wild mushrooms, Italian Porcini, Boletus Luteus from Chile, and Black Trompette from the USA, and three cultivated mushrooms, Shiitake, Golden Oyster, and Table Oyster mushrooms imported from Asia. Each variety is chosen for its unique flavor, color, and texture to blend with each other and produce a delicious blend that will complement many dishes. You will be amazed at the flavors this mix of mushrooms will add to your cooking.

Harvested in the wild Forests of the Pacific Northwest, these morels are very clean and mostly caps with very little stem. They have a great earthy flavor and rehydrate very well.

Porcini Mushrooms have a rich earthy, nutty flavor and fragrance. The Italian word porcini means piglets and they are the most sought-after mushroom harvested from the wild. If you’re looking for authentic flavor for your favorite recipe, Pistol River Porcini Mushrooms can make all the difference.

Portobello Mushrooms are commercially grown in the USA and all over the World. Did you know that they are a brown button mushroom (Crimini) grown to a large size? These mushrooms come from a small family farm.

Shiitakes are popular in Asian cooking for both their excellent flavor, texture, and health benefits. These mushrooms are grown on Natural Oak and imported from a small family farm. Dried Shiitake mushrooms are less than half the price of fresh Shiitake with twice the flavor.




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