Preparing for Passover

Seder PlatePassover begins on Friday, April 3, and there is lots to do to get ready!

Here’s a list of seven ideas to help you prepare:

1. Assemble your Seder plate. Read this article on the symbolism of the six items included on the Seder plate.

2. Visit our butcher department for the hard-to-find shank bone for your Seder plate!

3. Plan your Seder Menu, and decide what you can cook one or two days in advance.

4. There are so many prepared, kosher for Passover items cakes, cookies, and cereals in our store, but be certain to buy extra fresh fruits and vegetables to eat during the week.

5. And you can make your own horseradish. It’s easy, and fresh is tastier.

6. Seders can be long, so consider everyone taking a nap, and offer some snacks before the Seder. Check out this article from NPR with recipes for Some Appetizing Nibbles for Pre-Sedar Snacking.

7. Finally, while you are removing all that chametz (leavened products) from the house this week, it is a great time to do a little spring cleaning!

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