Revive Kombucha

Revive KombuchaRevive Kombucha is brewing some delicious kombucha with heart—and taking care of the earth in the process. They sustainably produce some of the best and unique kombucha we’ve tasted, using the highest quality ingredients and innovative craft brewing techniques out there.

Revive uses original recipes, techniques, and cultures. The result is a uniquely delicious, healthy brew. Revive Kombucha is a family-owned, craft kombucha brewery, launched at the Sonoma County California Farmer’s Market in 2010.

These are the flavors that we currently have in stock
Boogie Down (a craft cola redux)
Wild Ginger (caffeine-free ginger brew)
Free Ride (caffeine-free hibiscus brew)
Up Beat (coffee brew)
Campfire (genmaicha brew)
Ascend (white tea brew)
Up Beat (coffee brew)
Tropical Wonder (earl grey and orange peel brew)

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