Revive Kombucha

Revive KombuchaRevive Kombucha is a favorite at Piedmont Grocery, because there’s so much to love.

Revive tastes sophisticated and bubbly, and they come in some great flavors: The O.G. (original brew), Free Ride (hibiscus), Campfire (toasted genmaicha), Ascend (a restoring tonic), Solar (with yerba mate, ginger and lemon—yum) and Tropic Wonder (earl grey, orange, vanilla and a touch of cayenne).

They are locally brewed in Sonoma County, organic, sustainable for the earth and positive for the community as they know how to achieve—and they are also vegan and raw. They run the only bottle exchange program in the United States. Every bottle sold can be returned to be washed and used again, and they have about a 75% reuse rate.

Not only is Revive amazingly delicious, but you can feel good about drinking it.

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