Rice Select

 Rice Select For rice lovers
We positively love the taste & texture of Rice Select’s line of rice and couscous. They cook up perfectly, have great flavor and consistency, and have a long shelf life. They help you create unforgettable meals and allow you to improvise with different tastes and textures. Rice Select is doing something right when it comes to rice.

Rice Select has been developing hybrid rice since 1988 in Texas. The company is the world’s largest private hybrid rice researcher, the only hybrid rice seed producer in the U.S., and ranks among North America’s leading specialty rice producers. It is their goal to stay at the forefront of technology and development in these areas while continuing to grow and improve.

All Rice Select products are Non-GMO, kosher, and packaged in a BPA-free jar. Their rice products are certified gluten-free.

Rice Select’s Signature Line rice products feature unforgettable aroma, texture, and taste, so every creation lives up to your culinary standard. This is what we are currently carrying at the store.

Inspired by Thai jasmine rice, Jasmati Rice has an intoxicating aroma, exquisite texture, and pronounced-yet-subtle flavor. It’s particularly ideal with Asian-focused techniques and flavors on account of its long and slender grains. Similar to Texmati, Jasmati is a hybrid of Thai jasmine rice and basmati white rice cooks up light and fluffy with a subtle aromatic taste.

This flavorful, unique hybrid grain features a captivating aroma (many liken the smell to freshly popped popcorn), unexpected texture, and welcoming nutty flavor, making it the perfect rice for reinventing familiar flavors in bold, exciting ways. A long-grain American white rice, Texmati is pleasantly aromatic and made from an agricultural hybridization of long-grain white rice and Basmati rice. Ina Garten swears by it!

Texmati rice comes in white, brown, and organic white.

Royal Blend
For the discerning home cook, Royal Blend® offers an enchanting aroma and a sophisticated texture that distinguishes every bite. Royal Blend is comprised of a blend of proprietary Texmati brown rice with red rice, barley, and rye berries.

Traditional Moroccan Couscous is a small, natural pasta that’s extremely light and fluffy when cooked, but absorbs large amounts of flavor. With origins from the Maghreb region in North Africa, this pasta resembles small balls that are made with unenriched durum semolina wheat. Couscous is prepared by steaming the pasta to create a light and fluffy consistency for all kinds of meals.

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