Rick’s Picks Pickles

Rick's PicksThe pickle that stepped into the 21st century. 

Rick’s Picks are artisanal pickles with a twist: old world inspiration with clever names and sophisticated flavor. These vinegary vegetables are fantastic in burgers and grilled cheese, or eat them right out of the jar. 

Sample a mouthful of flavors that you’ll want to taste again, with names like: Phat Beets, Windy City Wasabeans, and Bee ‘n’ Beez. Rick’s Picks combines complex layering of fine speices and fresh hermes with a brine that imbues its subtly dazzling taste into the vegetables. And they are made from the best-quality vegetables grown on a small hudson valley and catskill farms.

Here’s a tip: save your brine!
When the last pick has been enjoyed, don’t think you’re left with an empty jar! The brine (pickle juice) can create an entire second jar of delights, or be added to another kind of dish. Refill the jar with more vegetables, refrigerate for four days, and you’ll  have more delicious pickled vegetables. You can also use the brine to use the brine to marinate fish, poultry, vegetables or tofu. And you can mix it into barbecue sauce or mayo.

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