RillettesRillettes are a French preparation of meat or seafood that is similar to pâté. The soft, smooth texture is a deciding factor in determining a good rillette. They make a wonderful appetizer!

To prepare rillettes, the meat is chopped, salted, and cooked slowly in fat until it is tender enough to be easily shredded. Then it is cooled and combined with enough fat to form a paste. Rillettes are normally used as a spread on bread or toast and served at room temperature.

We have a few that we think you should try.

From Groix & Nature (Product of France)
Salmon Rillettes
Rich in salmon, discover these generous and delicate rillettes of salmon. Nicely pink and fragrant, our fine and unctuous rillettes blend perfectly with warm blinis accompanied by salad slightly vinegar

Crab Rillettes
The crabmeat of the Rillettes Groix & Nature is noble and generous. Cooked with cream, butter, shallots, this recipe is a perfectly balanced delight in the mouth. To taste fresh on country bread

Lobster Rillettes with Kari Gosse
Cooked from Blue Lobster (the Breton Lobster), considered as the finest of the crustaceans, discover the tender and refined meat of the Lobster through this recipe that will delight gourmets. Raised at the Kari Gosse, a spice mixture well known to gourmets, find in the mouth the fine and delicate taste of the Lobster.

Created in Lorient in the XIXth century, the Kari Gosse is a mixture of spices with tonic perfume and marine foot. Traditionally associated with lobster—and for good reason!

From Rougié (Product of Canada)
Duck Rillettes

These duck rillettes are based on an authentic recipe of duck meat, white wine, toasted wheat crumbs and garlic. Perfect for appetizers or as a gift. Refrigerate before using and then spread on bread alongside salads.

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