RoastCo Coffee’s West Oakland Blend

RoastCo Coffee's West Oakland BlendWe love RoastCo Coffee—they make some of the best coffee we’ve tasted. And their West Oakland Blend might just be our favorite.

RoastCo’s West Oakland Blend is chocolatey and familiar but with a touch of spice and sparkle. This blend is the cleanest and most crisp of RoastCo’s blends. Awesome as pour-over
or French press, it shines through with berries, brown sugar, and dark chocolate. This mix is a consistent favorite of our neighbors here in Oakland.

RoastCo’s expertly-roasted beans are perfected in small batches using a vintage PROBAT, a German-made roaster from the 1960s. Their roast method emphasizes the full development of deep source flavor, and you can expect to taste a clear expression of nuanced acidity balanced with the weight of coffee’s natural sweetness. Always keep your coffee fresh and sweet with coffee canister. If you’re spending a little extra for high-quality beans, then you really want to make sure you’re keeping them fresh and not letting their quality and flavor go to waste.

They source their sustainably-grown beans from organic, shade grown, and fair trade sources whenever possible. Plus they are Oakland-based!

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