Rosé All May Week Four

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Each week this month, we are highlighting a bottle of Rosé.
Rosé wines are light, bright, and refreshing. Often sipped chilled, they have subtle hints of the well-loved red wine grapes used to make them—but with a crisp, fresh twist. You’ll commonly find red fruit aromas and flavors of strawberry, cherry, and raspberry, along with floral, citrus, and watermelon notes. There are also herbal and vegetal qualities such as celery, rhubarb, and pepper. Check out our selection for Rosé All May Week Four.

H&B Provence Rosé 2023 | $22.99
H&B Provence Rosé is a refreshing, charming, and floral wine—everything that makes a rosé from Provence one of a kind. A light, dry, and easy-drinking rosé. It stands well on its own and pairs with light foods like seafood. A favorite rosé at an amazing value.

Tasting Notes
Pale salmon in color with medium aromas and fresh fruity flavors of cherry, raspberry, citrus, orange bliss, and a hint of pepper Light-bodies and dry with medium acidity and medium finish. Easy drinking.

Nose: white cherry, strawberry, cranberry, raspberry and minerality
Palate: red fruit like cherry and raspberry with minerality, wet slate, and crisp acidity
Body: light
Acidity: medium
Finish: medium

About H&B (Hecht & Bannier)
Gregory Hecht & François Bannier were long time friends in 2001 when they started their boutique winery to make handcrafted wines out of the best terroirs around their homes in the South of France. Their goal is to produce the finest wines in the region.

H&B specializes in red wines from the South of France. Their cornerstone is an extensive knowledge of vineyards and cellars. Rosé wines are a predominant part of their production.




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