Rosé All May Week Two

Rosé All May Week 2

Each week this month, we are highlighting a bottle of Rosé.
Rosé wines are light, bright, and refreshing. Often sipped chilled, they have subtle hints of the well-loved red wine grapes that are used to make them—but with a crisp, fresh twist. You’ll commonly find red fruit aromas and flavors of strawberry, cherry, and raspberry, along with floral, citrus, and watermelon notes. There are also herbal and vegetal qualities such as celery, rhubarb, and pepper. Check out our selection for Rosé All May Week Two below.

Ali Rosato 2023
Donna Laura, Tuscany, Italy | $16.99

Made from 100% Sangiovese, the grapes are harvested at the end of August. The bunches are selected in the fields and by an optical sorter as soon as they arrive at the cellar. After gentle pressing, the wine spends two hours macerating with the skins. It is then put into stainless steel tanks where it ages for three months on the fine lees.

The name Ali means wings in Italian and it is also the name of the winery owner Lia Tolaini-Banville’s little angel—her daughter.

Tasting Notes
Donna Laura Ali Rosato is a pure Sangiovese showing a light pink color. The nose displays hints of strawberry, red cherry, and pink grapefruit. The palate is fresh and vibrant and has a pleasant and long-lasting finish.

About Donna Laura
The approach to viticulture and winemaking at Donna Laura reflects the nurturing, wholesome environment shaped by these strong women. In the vineyards an absolute respect for the soil, vines and future of the land is cultivated through careful and constant attention. These practices include green harvesting as necessary, planting cover crops to enrich the nutrients in the soil and forgoing the use of harmful chemicals to maintain a pristine and sustainable ecosystem in optimal balance. In the winery organic principles are applied by incorporating modern technology, sparing usage of sulfites and a sterile environment all while honoring the traditions of this historic region.

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