Saag’s German Bologna

Saag's German BolognaIt’s time to try Saag’s German Bologna if…
Your image of a bologna sandwich is preserved, rubbery meat, processed cheese, and yellow mustard on squishy white bread (and perhaps, some yellow seeping through the fingerprints your dad made when he pinned the sandwich to the counter to slice it).

Saag’s crafts their German Bologna with premium cuts of lean pork and beef. And, seasoned it with fresh garlic, onions, herbs, and spices. This is what bologna should taste like!

How to make a Bologna Sandwich
We love a the more up-scale version of a traditional bologna sandwich. Try Saag’s German Bologna with a sharp cheddar, and good mustard (like Maille) on sliced brioche.

Saag’s German Bologna fries up beautifully for sandwiches, or as a meat side with breakfast. Try fried bologna with egg and cheese on an English muffin for a delicious breakfast sandwich.

And you can make, This South African Sandwich, The Gatsby, which includes ketchup, hot sauce and french fries on an Italian roll.

Or use it in place of the ham in this Muffuletta sandwich from New Orleans.

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