Saf-instant Yeast

Saf-instant YeastHome bakers and professions chefs swear by Saf.
We have been doing a lot of baking this year, and Saf-instant is hands down our first choice. Saf-instant Yeast is one of the top selling yeasts in the world. It is absolutely reliable. It is fast-acting and long-lasting. This means it will continue to work for hours longer than a “rapid” yeast. (Not to mention it is far more economical than those little packages.)

Over the years, Saf-instant has become a brand which is appreciated all over the world. It is the leading product in the international dried yeast market. Thousands of professionals and household bakers, with vastly different backgrounds, culture, and areas of expertise, rely on Saf-instant every day. This is pretty amazing.

Saf-instant Yeast comes in a one-pound hard brick with an airtight vacuum seal. This guarantees freshness. The brick softens so you can scoop once the package is opened and air is introduced. We recommend storing the yeast in an airtight container in the freezer and using it right out of the freezer. You will find that it will last that way for at least a year.

And if you were wondering, the difference between active dry yeast and instant yeast is the instant yeast has smaller particles that activate more quickly, and thus dough rises more rapidly, sometimes cutting rise times up to fifty percent.

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