Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade

Santa Cruz Organic LemonadeWe love local, Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade with their amazing array of flavors—they’re delicious and refreshing. And, with the heat coming on strong this Labor Day weekend, it’s good to know that they make amazing freezer pops, too.

What we’ll be reaching for is an Arnold Palmer made with Santa Cruz traditional lemonade and Tejava original black tea. The combination of lightly-sweetened lemonade and a strong, unsweetened tea over ice will cut right through thirst and refresh you on the hottest day.

Also, did you now that Santa Cruz Organics uses 100% renewable energy to run the production process for their processing and bottling facilities? Another reason to love them!

How to make an Arnold Palmer
Place ice in a tall glass. Fill halfway with Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade and top with Tejava Original Black iced tea. Garnish with a lemon slice.

If you wish to spike your Arnold Palmer, add a shot of bourbon or a splash of vodka.


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