Santa Cruz Organic

Santa Cruz OrganicWe love Santa Cruz Organic for their fabulous array juices and lemonades. But, do you know how good their other products are?

Santa Cruz Organic is skilled at refining and combining the flavors of seemingly ordinary foods, and taking them to new levels. For example, just like coffee, they are now offering both a light and dark roast peanut butter (as well as the standard crunchy and smooth). And their fruit spreads include flavors like mango mango and blackberry pomegranate. Talk about a sophisticated PB&J!

They have great autumn flavors, and their applesauces come straight up, or in combinations like apple-apricot, apple-peach, apple-cinnamon, apple-strawberry, and a full-out tropical fruit sauce. Like their juices, the sauces come in both jars and tiny packages for tiny lunches.

Raspberry Chocolate syrup on your artisan ice cream, anyone? What is not to love?


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