Sara Lee Pound Cake

A slice of Sarah Lee Pound Cake with fresh raspberries and mascarponeMemories of childhood.
Sara Lee Pound Cake is one of our guilty pleasures. From a culinary standpoint, it has great flavor and texture. Sarah Lee is something that we grew up with. And, because it is sold everywhere, it is easy to overlook. We maintain it is worth revisiting—it really does have classic, buttery pound cake flavor. And, because it is sold in the freezer section, it is always fresh.

Sara Lee Pound Cake works because you can keep it in the freezer for an impromptu dessert. It slices well when frozen. (Maybe let it sit out for five minutes first.) And, you can put what you don’t use back in the freezer where it will be just as fresh as the last slice. It makes an excellent last-minute dessert when company shows up.

You can make a summer dessert using Sara Lee Pound Cake without needing to turn on the oven. We love it in Trifles, for dessert fondue, as the shortcake under strawberries and whipped cream, and toasted and topped with ice cream and toppings or fruit and mascarpone. You can also make an ice cream sundae with a slice of pound cake at the bottom. Yum!

So slice up some nostalgic yumminess, and enjoy!

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