Satsumas Taste Like Sunshine

Satsumas Taste Like SunshineAnd, we all could use a little more sunshine!
With the perfect balance of sweet and tart and a great acid edge, satsuma mandarins have a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Satsumas Taste Like Sunshine. Their skins peel readily, and segments are easy-to-separate.

Plus, they contain an abundance of juice with less pulp—which makes them perfect in drinks and recipes.

Botanically speaking, the fruit of mandarins and of all citrus species, is a special berry known as a hesperidium. (And we were just getting used to the idea that olives and avocados are fruit.) Satsumas are a type of mandarin—a name that comes from having been cultivated in China. The name Satsuma refers to a former province in Japan from where the first plants were brought to the United States.

How to pick a satsuma
When shopping for satsumas, look for fruit with firm, tight peels, and no hollow-feeling or dented spots. And, heavier feeling satsumas can be juicier. So, when the fruit has bright green twigs and leaves still attached, it means they have been carefully picked and handled.

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