Set Your Clocks Ahead for Daylight Saving Time

Set Your Clocks Ahead on Saturday for Daylight Saving Time Spring Forward!
It’is time again for Daylight Saving Time. Our clocks jump ahead an hour at 2 AM on Sunday, March 11th—which means we lose an hour of sleep.

Next week our mornings will be a little darker, but the evenings will have noticeably more sunlight. So, once we recover from the loss of an hour’s sleep this weekend, perhaps we’ll get the chance to spend a little more time outdoors enjoying the extra evening light.

Have you ever wondered what happens to businesses that keep a strict timetable over these time changes? According to David Prerau’s book Seize the Daylight, trains always adhere to their published schedules, so when it’s time to fall back all Amtrak trains that are running on time stop in their tracks and wait an hour before resuming. When it’s time to spring forward the trains automatically fall behind schedule at 2 AM. And, have to do their best to make up the lost time over the first day of Daylight Saving Time.

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