Snapdragon Pho Bowls

Photo of Snapdragon Pho Bowls with lime, chile crunch and basil

Your new favorite instant noodles.
This slurpable treat is delicious for any on-the-go meal, even breakfast. For an instant soup, Snapdragon Pho Bowls exceed expectations and are filled with the best stuff. (They taste expensive!) These light but filling bowls are wonderful as they are or add ingredients to make a complete meal. And, your easy-to-prepare soup is ready in three minutes.

Plus, Snapdragon is local—East Bay-based right here in San Leandro. And, all their packaging is easy to recycle.

Pho is a delicious noodle soup synonymous with Vietnamese cuisine with regional and personal recipes found all across the country.

This instant version is perfect for days when there simply isn’t time to make your own. They are for packing lunches. We like to keep several in the pantry.

You can doctor up your Snapdragon Pho Bowls with add-ins like

Fresh lime
Fresh herbs like cilantro and Thai basil
Fresh green onions
Fresh mushrooms like enoki or shiitake
Fresh veggies like bean sprouts, baby spinach, or bok choy
Hot peppers
Hard-boiled or poached egg
Chile Crunch (link)
Sesame oil

Here’s what we have in stock
Mushroom Pho
Snapdragon Mushroom Pho is made with an umami-rich mushroom broth, the perfect blend of added spices, and Pho-style rice noodles that add a hearty element to the soup.

Beef Pho
Snapdragon Beef Pho is made in the classic style with a rich beef-flavored broth, a vibrant mix of spices such as chilies, cinnamon, and star anise, and rice noodles that soak up all the umami flavors.

Vegetable Pho
Snapdragon Vegetable Pho is made with a soothing veggie broth, a mix of added spices, and Pho-style rice noodles for a hearty, yet clean snack or meal.

Laksa Curry (not really pho)
Snapdragon Laksa Curry is akin to the staple found all over Singapore. A mildly spicy blend of Southeast Asian spices balanced by the soothing richness of creamy coconut milk makes this curry unique in the soup world.

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