Spring Training 2023

Photo of a baseball in a glove for Spring Training 2023We are in for more wind and cold rain in the coming days. Since there is no shaking this winter weather yet, you can still fantasize about hot dogs and Cracker Jacks while watching Spring Training 2023 on TV.

The games have already started in warmer, dryer climates. And, you can check out the full list on the MLB website to see when your favorite teams will be televised.

There is a lot of buzz around rules changes this year including bigger bases for easier stealing, clocking pitchers to speed up the pace of the games, and defense shift limits. You can read all about the details around Spring Training 2023 on this MLB post.

These rules changes were tested in the minor league and are currently making for some entertaining viewing as the players try to adjust before the official opening day on March 30th.

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