St. George Spirits Vodka

St. George Spritis VodkaSt. George Spirits is making vodka again!

The new St. George All Purpose Vodka, Green Chile Vodka, and California Citrus Vodka—are three unique spirits. To make these three vodkas, they distill fresh produce and fruit on copper stills using the same artisanal methods relied on to make their flagship brandies and fruit liqueurs.

All Purpose Vodka
Made from 100% American grain and fruit, the “all purpose” vodka is soft, lithe, and clean; finishing with a rounded mouthfeel that is both simultaneously refreshing and gentle. The supple weight comes from Bartlett pears, which are distilled to 95% to create the expression.

California Citrus Vodka
Infused with California Bergamot, Valencia, and Seville oranges, the bright citrus flavor is a lovely, elegant expression. The oranges are both infused and distilled in separate batches before being blended together to create the final magic.

Green Chile Vodka
Made from California jalapenos, habaneros, serranos, and both yellow and red bell peppers, each pepper is actually infused and distilled separately before being blended together. The still is also packed with cilantro and a bit of lime peel to add extra brightness and flavor. This incredible flavor will change the way you think about Bloody Marys forever!

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