St. Patrick’s Day Meals

St. Patrick's Day Meals from our deli departmentWe are serving up traditional St. Patrick’s Day meals.

We have individual, pre-packaged meals of Corned Beef and Cabbage, featuring Robert’s Slow-cooked Corned beef, green cabbage, baby carrots, and boiled potatoes. The veggies are all stewed in the delicious broth from the corned beef.

You can find these grab-and-go meals all warmed up in the hot bar and also in the fridge section with the prepared meals.

And, if you would prefer shepherd‘s pie, we have that in the fridge, too.

If you are shopping for St. Patrick’s Day Meals for a larger crowd, don’t hesitate to call our catering department and talk to Rob, our Deli Manager. He can put together whatever you need.

To Order Call The Deli Depart­ment at (510) 653-8181.

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