St. Pierre Brioche Burger Buns

Photo of double-burger on St. Pierre Brioche Burger BunsYour burger deserves the best.
St. Pierre Brioche Burger Buns are pre-sliced and deliciously soft, ready to be filled with your favorite burger and toppings. A perfectly fluffy golden and plump texture holds the fillings together for a satisfying bite. Brioche is lightly sweet, with a shiny glaze on top of each bun.

Brioche is a French sweet bread. It’s made with an enriched dough, giving it that golden color, rich taste, and light sweetness.

About St. Pierre
Inspired by Parisian café culture, with a passion for quality and a love of good brioche, pastries, crêpes, and waffles, St. Pierre adds a touch of Paris to every meal. They are passionate about taking the authentic Parisian experience into every home by elevation the every day with a touch of sophistication.

St Pierre values quality and authenticity when it comes to producing the most magnifique and delicious products. They use authentic recipes with high-quality ingredients. They guarantee that all products are free of high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, and artificial sweeteners.

Try a pack of St. Pierre Brioche Burger Buns at your next barbecue!


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