Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen Pumpkin Spice Bread MixWe love Stonewall Kitchen’s sense of integrity and community. But mostly we love their fresh and wholesome products because they taste like nothing else. The jams, condiments and chutneys are superlative. (And we carry a lot of their products.) Just try their mulling spices or rubs.

And if you want to simplify your holiday preparations, pick out a few of their baking mixes. You can’t go wrong with the Pumpkin Spice Quick Bread, the Gingerbread Cookie mix or Peppermint Bark Brownie mix. Stroll our isles and dream up your menus. There is so much to choose from.

This  journey of two friends, Jim Stott and Jonathan King who were waiters, cooks and avid gardeners, began as a Maine farmer’s market stall. They featured fresh and abundant local produce crafted and canned into jars of vinegars, oils, pesto, jams, and baked goods. Their eclectic mix of wholesome products sold out at almost every farmers’ market, country fair and festival they attended. Jim and Jonathan went on to create the success of Stonewall Kitchen’s specialty foods –– a tribute to their native New England roots. The entire Stonewall Kitchen product line continues to gain the most awards in the industry year after year.

If you visit the Stonewall Kitchen website you can see their complete and expansive line of products as well as some great holiday wreaths, ornaments and table wear as well as a restaurant and cooking school. (But its pretty far away!) This is a company that we love to support.

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