Straus Heavy Whipping Cream

Image of Straus Heavy Whipping Cream and strawberriesYou can’t find a sweeter and fresher bottle of heavy whipping cream.
Straus Heavy Whipping Cream has 36% butterfat and is similar in flavor to the cream bottled by small dairies in Europe. You can taste the difference. It easily whips into soft, fluffy, and stable cream peaks. The taste is unparalleled—the result of our unique Northern California climate and the cows’ diet of sweet coastal grasses. It is preferred by discerning chefs around the Bay Area.

Straus Heavy Whipping Cream is organic, crafted with pure, simple ingredients, and minimally processed without additives.

Of course, we love it as a whipped topping on all kinds of desserts. It is perfect for making ice cream, Pavlova, trifles, panna cotta, and bread puddings. We also use it in our recipe for Alfredo Sauce, Pasta Alla Vodka, creamed soups, and Homemade Irish Cream.

Straus Heavy Whipping Cream comes in a recyclable and reusable glass bottle. Each glass bottle has a $2.00 deposit that is refunded when the rinsed bottle is returned to the store. The bottles are then returned to the Creamery, washed, sanitized, and reused an average of five times before re-entering the recycling stream. The bottles are made with up to 30% recycled glass. Straus Family Creamery has a return rate of more than 80% of our bottles.

About Straus
For more than 25 years, the Straus Family Creamery name has been synonymous with premium organic dairy and sustainable practices. The Straus family were trailblazers. They started farming in the 1940s with a commitment to land stewardship, and in the 1970s switched to organic production. The family was also instrumental in founding MALT, the Marin Agricultural Land Trust.

What I’ve tried to do is create a sustainable organic farming model that is good for the earth, the soil, the animals, and the people working on these farms, and helps revitalize rural communities.
—Albert Straus

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