Stutz Olive Oil

Stutz Olive OilGourmet quality olive oil at supermarket prices.
We are all about Stutz Olive Oil. It’s a perennial staff favorite. This local company is just up the road in Piedmont, and produces two varieties. One Californian, with a more peppery flavor and one Mediterranean that tastes more buttery. 

This golden-green and flavorful oil is the embodiment of California’s Mediterranean climate and cultural legacy. It is a harmonious blend of the first cold pressing of olive varieties which were brought to California from Spain and Italy. This versatile oil is sweet, fragrant, refreshingly fruity, and perfect for everyday use.

This blend is selected for its gourmet quality at a low price. It is composed of oils that may come from Spain, Turkey or Tunisia.

My kitchen is always stocked with a bottle of Stutz extra-virgin olive oil. Made in Northern California near where I live, it’s flavorful and fruity.
—Molly Katzen

They also produce a lovely balsamic vinegar form Modena, in Central Italy.

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