Swiss Chard

Swiss ChardEat Your Greens!

A relative of the beet, chard is a mellow, earthy green that is available all winter long in the Bay Area—and it is one of our favorites! With a delicate taste and texture, chard is easy to cook, versatile, and highly nutritious.

Freshness determines exactly how delicious Swiss Chard can be. Look for leaves that are vivid green in color, not wilted, and without holes. The stalks should be crisp and be unblemished.

Because the leaves are tender, you can use it place of spinach (or in addition to spinach) in many recipes. It’s great in creamy dishes and gratins. Try it sautéed with shallots and herbs—or toss pasta with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and steamed Swiss chard. You can add wilted chard to omelets and frittatas.

And here are a few delicious recipes that incorporate Swiss chard:
Swiss Chard and Chipotle Tacos from Saveur Magazine
Roasted Sausage, Chard, and Cannellini Beans
from Food 52
Lentil Soup with Sausage, Chard and Garlic from Smitten Kitchen
White Lasagna with Swiss Chard, Leeks, and Gruyère from Food 52

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