Christmas Cookies

I love cookies. They make me happy (and fat). I really like Christmas and Holiday cookies. Last year, I hosted a holiday cookie exchange at my house. My husband didn’t get it. He would have been happy to just have everyone over to eat and drink, “We’re making cookies and trading them like baseball cards?” Well, not quite. I guess it’s a chick thing. That said, everyone had a great time and the kids were thrilled.

The fun part, for me anyway, was finding cookies that were different than the usual chocolate chip or shortbread. There were and are literally thousands to choose from. I’ve looked in my cookbooks, online, my grandmother’s recipe box and in my favorite magazines. It is now December which means the calendar gives me permission to bake with abandon. So I am!

Here are a few of my favorite holiday cookie recipes. The cherry tarts are one of the finds from our cookie exchange. They are time consuming but so worth it. The layer bars are the very definition of indulgence, of course you would expect that from a Paula Deen recipe. The Swedish Ginger Cookies, or “Gingies” as we call them, are a family favorite. They are easy to make and go great with tea & coffee and you can keep a log in the freezer to cut and bake as needed.

When in doubt make more than you need as it’s always fun to share and of course your inner Martha Stewart will tell you that giving cookies as gifts would be a Good Thing
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