Thaiwala Thai Tea

Thaiwala Thai TeaCrazy good all-natural tea concentrate made with organic ingredients.
Thaiwalla is the first Thai tea concentrate on the market. But that’s not all that makes it special. The recipe is obsessively perfect and because it is a concentrate, it’s super-simple to prepare. Thaiwala Thai tea gets its deliciousness from bee-endorsed tea, organic caramel, pure cocoa, cane sugar, and vanilla with the addition of fresh-cut organic Thai herbs.

Thaiwala is the latest in drinkable euphoria from Heather Howitt, the high priestess who brought us Oregon Chai. She has done it again… this time with a Thai tea that’s sourced from a small tea farm in northern Thailand whose cred is backed by mobs of ecstatic honeybees.

You can enjoy it either hot or cold. And it mixes beautifully with any dairy or non-dairy alternative. We’ve found that for optimum bliss, the richer the better!

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