Thanksgiving Alternatives

Thanksgiving AlternativesIf one item could embody all that is Thanksgiving, it would be a turkey.
But, not everyone likes turkey. Whether it’s because of flavor, texture, or even cost, a turkey aversion can make planning the big meal a challenge.

Good news! There are a number of possible turkey alternatives for Thanksgiving.

  • If your aversion to turkey is because of the price tag, there are less expensive options.
    A turkey breast is a no-brainer. You still have the traditional turkey but less waste and more room in your oven.
  • There is never a bad time for a roasted chicken. A perfectly roasted chicken can bean out of body culinary experience and so much easier on your pocketbook.
  • If you are concerned about having enough or if you just want some leftovers, consider asking your butcher for a capon. Capons are sterilized roosters and tend to be larger than your average roasting chicken.
  • And don’t forget Cornish game hens. These little birds are great for small parties as they are a single serving on their own.

For those who want to go in another direction, the possibilities are endless.
We have an excellent list of festive roasts on this blog post. And, a few are highlighted below.

  • A spiral ham is a wonderful option because it feeds an army and there is very little prep that must be done unless you like a little glaze on yours. You can put your feet up and watch the parade.
  • A whole side of salmon is great, especially on a buffet table, and is a better option for something on the lighter side. Our recipe for Slow-Roasted Salmon is perfect.
  • You could get a little wild and try Roast Duck (we have roasting instructions on our blog) or even a goose.
  • Prime rib may not be economically better than a turkey but it still has that wow factor when you bring it to the table. Prime rib is probably the most popular of holiday roasts because you can feed a crowd. Plus, it’s just so darn tasty. For complete instructions on how to prepare a Prime Rib see our Butcher’s Block post, Prime Rib for the Holidays.
  • Here in the SF Bay Area, we like to celebrate with Dungeness crab if we can. The opening of the commercial crab season is always a moving target. Sometimes we get lucky and there is crab for Thanksgiving but not always. We’re keeping our fingers crossed this year.

For those who prefer not to eat meat, never fear, there’s plenty for you too.
How about stuffing a pumpkin? We have a couple of possible recipes for you to try guaranteed to make an impressive entrance. Try our recipe for Pumpkin Stuffed with  Everything Good or our Stuffed Cinderella Pumpkin recipe. Or try this Mushroom Wellington for a bit of elegance.

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