The Bee’s Knees and The Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule Happy Mother’s Day from the Cocktail Post!
We’re having a little fun this week by featuring 2 different drinks that are enjoyable, easy to make, and oh so refreshing. Say hello to The Bee’s Knees Bee’s Knees and the classic Moscow Mule. Here is how we do it:

The Bee’s Knees
1 ½ oz. of Gin
1 tsp. fresh lemon juice
1 tsp. honey

I’m using Hendricks Gin for mine. This will pair great with the cucumber and thyme sprig garnishes. And we have plenty of local, Northern California honeys to choose from in the store.

Combine all ingredients into a shaker. This cocktail should be well-shaken to make certain the honey has married with the other ingredients. Next, strain into a coupe glass. The coupe-styled glass is ideal for a small cocktail like this, but any shallow cocktail glass will work. Garnish with a cucumber wheel and a sprig of fresh thyme.

The Moscow Mule
2 oz. vodka
4 oz. ginger beer
1 oz. of fresh squeezed lime juice

You could serve this drink in a Collins glass…but we brought in copper mugs at a great price for those who would like to keep it authentic. Pour the vodka and lime juice into a cup with a generous portion of ice top off with ginger beer and more ice if there is any space left in the cup. Gently stir and garnish with a lime wheel.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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