The Cocktail Post

The Cocktail PostLadies and gentlemen, we are both proud and eager to announce the launch of The Cocktail Post. Keep an eye on our website, Twitter, Facebook, and most importantly our wine and spirit department to see what we will be mixing up each week. We will be searching through classic recipes as well as contemporary twists on classics featured at some of our communities most renowned watering holes.

I will be taking it upon myself to seek out the best recipes to have featured in our store. Weather this means searching through recipe books, reading through blogs, picking the brains of our community’s bartenders, or asking for feedback from our valued patrons. Our wine and spirit department will be seeking out ways to enhance your visit to our store.

We will be featuring different cocktails each week, as well as seeking out pairings throughout our departments for you to bring home to your bar or dinner table. Come on down and join us! We look forward to seeing your faces in our store and cannot wait to hear what you think about The Cocktail Post. I propose a toast: to our community, to Piedmont Grocery, and most importantly, to our loyal patrons!


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