The Haunted Garden Halloween Celebration

The Haunted GardenA spooky garden party on Lake Merritt
This family-friendly Halloween celebration is at the Camron-Stanford House. In the Haunted Garden, you’ll find Halloween and fall-themed arts & crafts, lawn games, music, and food trucks. There will also be a shop with The Haunted Manor Boutique (a local vendor), access to the Morbid Desire Halloween exhibit, and plenty more spooky fun.

Halloween and/or Victorian period costumes for this event are encouraged!

And, check out their virtual exhibit, Morbid Desire The Victorian Fascination with Death. The Victorians, when viewed from a 21st-century perspective, had a morbid fascination with death and a desire to hold on to the dead. From beautiful objects to seemingly bizarre customs, Morbid Desire helps us understand our Victorian forbears and their connection to death and mourning.

About The Camron-Stanford House
The Camron-Stanford House is the last of the beautiful Victorian mansions that once surrounded Lake Merritt, and was the home to five influential families before becoming the first museum in the City of Oakland. The restored home helps visitors time travel to the 1880s and enter meticulously recreated living spaces while learning about the early days of Oakland as a city.

Saturday, October 30th from 11 AM to 4 PM
The Camron-Stanford House is located at 1418 Lakeside Drive in Oakland.

Purchase tickets online in advance for $5 on Eventbrite.


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