The Raspberry Gin Rickey

The Raspberry Gin RickeyThis delicious and refreshing cocktail is a great drink—combining the perfect amount of sweet and tart.

The Raspberry Gin Rickey was a regional favorite in New England where the combination of raspberries and limes give a fruity twist on the traditional gin rickey.

The rickey is a highball drink made from gin or bourbon, half of a lime squeezed and dropped in the glass, and carbonated water. It was originally created in Washington, D.C. at Shoomaker’s bar in the 1880s. The refreshing highball is named after Joe Rickey, a Democratic lobbyist living in Washington, D.C.

The Raspberry Gin Rickey 
Yields one drink

2-3 raspberries
2 tablespoons simple syrup
2 tablespoons lime juice
3 tablespoons gin (we used Beefeater)
Soda water
Ice as needed

Muddle 2 to 3 raspberries in the bottom of each glass. Add the simple syrup, lime juice, and gin. Stir to combine.

Add 1 cup of ice and top the glass with soda water. Garnish by dropping additional raspberries into the drink and a sprig of mint or lime wheel to the rim.

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