Three Little Pigs Pâté de Campagne

Photo of Three Little Pigs Pâté de Campagne on a wooden board against a blue background We love this Country Pork Pâté.
If you are looking for a rich and flavorful protein that’s nutrient-dense and high in iron and minerals, why not make it luxurious! Pâtés are the star of French charcuterie and Three Little Pigs Pâté de Campagne has won many accolades.

To make the pâté, a mixture of liver and meat is mixed with a glug of fine French spirits or wine, and aromatic spices. Then it is cooked in a mold on low heat before being sealed and packaged. There are no artificial ingredients.

Enjoy Three Little Pigs Pâté de Campagne with baguette, butter, and brie along with cornichons, and olives. It makes a wonderful centerpiece for your charcuterie board. And, it is delicious on toast or a cracker as a simple snack. It is tastiest if you allow it to come to room temperature before serving (keep it covered).

About Three Little Pigs
Three Little Pigs is on a mission to create more enjoyable, everyday moments through casual, well-made charcuterie that is as fun and easy to enjoy as it is high-quality and delicious. They are committed to continuing the French tradition of delicious, authentic, and quality pâté and charcuterie.

For more than 40 years Three Little Pigs has been head-over-hooves in love with flavor! Only the finest ingredients and time-honored recipes make it onto their delicious recipes. Quality is at the heart of everything they do, from sourcing ingredients to attention to detail.


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