Trumer Pils

Trumer Pils

Water. Hops. Malt. Yeast.

All it takes is four simple ingredients, plus over 400 years of perfecting a brewing tradition, to craft this simple and subtle German Pils.

Trumer goes down easily, and helps us understand why people love lagers. Its light, bubbly body has many subtle flavors. Perhaps Trumer is the best pils stateside. It’s almost too easy to drink, really…

Trumer is an Austrian pilsner previously sold almost exclusively in the Austrian state of Salzburg. It is characterized by hoppy bitterness, high carbonation, and a light body. In 2004, Trumer Brauerei opened a brewery in Berkeley to reproduce for the American market the Trumer Pils it has brewed for 400 years in Austria.

Here’s a video on how to pour your pils for a perfect head.

And check out the Trumner website for great recipe ideas including this recipe for Trumer-Kissed Fillet Steak.


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