Tuscon Tamales

Tuscon TamalesHave you tried Tuscon Tamales? You might just get hooked!
We discovered Tuscon Tamales at the Fancy Food Show last February and they are some tasty tamales! Grab a couple of flavors to keep in the fridge for easy meals. You won’t regret it.

Tuscon Tamale Company crafts high-quality and consistently delicious hand made tamales. They are made with organic, non-gmo corn and without lard. They make everything themselves and you can taste the difference.

Here is what we have at the store:

Green Chile Pork & Cheese
Slow simmered pork, Hatch green chile, and cheese wrapped inside white corn masa. The pork is antibiotic and hormone-free pork. A customer favorite!

Green Chile & Cheese
Hatch roasted green chiles and cheese wrapped inside sweet corn masa. The traditional “Green Corn”. If Tucson had only one tamale, this would be it.

Chorizo & Cheese
Spicy pork chorizo, potato, and cheese wrapped in red chile masa. Everybody’s favorite Mexican breakfast wrapped up in a tamale! Add a fried egg and you have a version of Chorizo con Huevos.

Black Bean & Corn
Spiced black beans and organic corn wrapped inside red chile masa. Texas Tamale gently cooks their black beans in their signature black bean seasoning to spice it up just a bit. Then they mix in organic whole sweet kernel corn and a hint of orange. This delightful mix is wrapped in red chile masa. Perfect for breakfast with a fried egg, and of course, lunch and dinner!

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