Urban Legend Cellars

Urban legend cellars logo Oakland does wine, and the result is uncompromising balance and elegance!

Crafting more than a dozen Urban Legend wines that each, uniquely, salutes the varied flavors of California and Oakland, America’s most diverse city. 

Urban Legend Cellars has crafted wines that are perfect complements to our local food—diverse flavors, honest ingredients, a sophisticated yet approachable style—they said, We’ll have to make them ourselves; we’ll make them where the food is created—in the city; and we’ll do it together! It’s not a traditional strategy—just a very American one.

Urban legends are remarkable but often apocryphal stories that spread like wildfire. Urban Legend is a winery in a city—almost an apocryphal story in itself—that makes remarkable wines. The myths they are dispelling:
• Winemakers must focus on a single grape variety to make credible wines.
• Wines must be made next to vines to be good—anywhere else is a gimmick.
• Wines that represent a uniquely American style aren’t very interesting.

Save yourself a trip to Napa and visit their tasting room near Jack London Square.

Learn more on the Urban Legend Cellars website.

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