Valrhona Pourdre de Cacao

A spoon full of Valrhona Pourdre de Cacao

Premium French Cocoa Powder
For the love of chocolate! Valrhona Pourdre de Cacao makes the richest dark chocolate baked goods and confections we have experienced. The warm red mahogany color is captivating, and the rich flavor brings out all the subtle notes in your cooking.

One whiff of Valhrona’s pure cocoa powder will immediately lock in your senses to how chocolate should smell…smooth, rich, and devilishly divine.

Our customers love the Lucious smell, depth of flavor, and dark color of this cocoa powder. They say it makes a richer cup of cocoa and enhances the flavor of their desserts.

This may be the best cocoa powder you have ever tried. (And, it may erase your memory of all that came before.) It is creamy and dense with a good fat content.

About Valrhona
Valrhona, a B corporation, has its roots in France in 1922. The business has undergone name changes and owners throughout the decades. But, it has maintained the highest of standard for chocolate supplying pastry and confectionary chefs throughout France. They established a chocolate school with branches in Japan and the United States and a foundation to educate future pastry and chocolate chefs.

Try Valrhona Pourdre de Cacao in your holiday baking. You won’t be disappointed!

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