Violife Just Like Feta

Photo of Violife Just Like Feta sliced and on a plate with cilantroThe world of alternative cheese sure has matured in recent years. And, Violife Just Like Feta is our most recent discovery. You don’t need to be vegan or dairy-free to enjoy it. It is creamy, delicious, and full of possibilities!

Violife Just Like Feta is salty and sour—just like feta. Because it is made from coconut, it is extra-creamy like a Bulgarian feta cheese. We love it in salads, sandwiches and toast, pizzas, eggs, and any traditional Greek dishes. You can do anything with it that you do with feta. It is great melted.

About Violife
Violife is a vegan-dedicated community based in the beautiful surroundings of Thessalonica in Greece. They have been making great-tasting vegan alternatives to cheese products since the 90s.

The name Violife comes from the Greek word Vios, which means life. So it actually means, life squared—life lived to the fullest. With more than 30 years of crafting vegan products, Violife is a world leader in plant-based food. All of their products are 100% vegan and free from dairy, soy, gluten, lactose, nuts, GMOs, and preservatives. Plus, their cheeses are enriched with Vitamin B12…

We also carry Violife’s Epic Mature Cheddar Block, Smoked Provolone Slices, Just like Parmesan, and Original Cream Cheese. Sample them all!

And, try Violife Just Like Feta in these recipes from our archives:

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