Watermelon Cooler

WatermelonThe perfect summertime fruit.
At Piedmont Grocery, we are loving that delicious watermelons are back in season. They’re crisp, juicy, and sweet!

You can make your own Watermelon Juice or Cooler. Here are two variations of the same recipe, one with no added sugar that highlights the natural flavor of the melon, and the other is more festive, sweet, and bubbly.

Watermelon Juice—or Cooler
6 to 7 pounds of seedless watermelon, cut into cubes
16 ice cubes
Juice of one lime (for the juice)
1 liter Lorina French Sparkling Lemonade (for the cooler)

Working in batches, puree the the watermelon with ice cubes in a blender. If you are making the watermelon juice, add the lime juice proportionate to the amount of watermelon in the blender (for example, if you are working in two batches, add half the lime juice for each batch.)

If you are making a cooler, after the watermelon is pulverized, slowly add the sparkling lemonade to the blender—set on the lowest speed.

Pour the liquid into a large pitcher or directly in glasses. Make the next batch with the remaining ingredients, until you have used all your ingredients.

For larger quantities, you can use a punch bowl or even a stock pot to hold all the liquid.

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