Wave Soda

Wave SodaFruit Juice + Sparkling Water + Natural Caffeine = Happy Soda
Looking to enjoy a guilt-free soda? Wave Soda is made with all-natural ingredients, loaded with flavor, and only has about 15 to 25 calories per serving? Try Wave Soda. We have been loving drinking this innovative beverage all summer.

Wave has fizz, is gently sweetened with fruit juice, and (some flavors) have just a touch of caffeine for a subtle boost. Wave is made without artificial sweeteners and their aftertaste and has the perfect volume of flavor. It makes a fantastic alternative to an afternoon cup of coffee on a workday, and won’t keep you up at night.

And, here’s a little secret—the different Wave Soda flavors make an excellent mixer that goes down easily with a splash of vodka!

We are carrying five flavors in the store: Mango, Cucumber, Tangerine, Blueberry, and Grapefruit. Try them all, they’re delicious!

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