Whole Spice

Whole SpiceThe Stuff Dreams Are Made Of.

We are so excited to have added Whole Spice to our array of seasonings. We found out about them at the SF Fancy Food Show, and they are extraordinary! The depth and breadth of their product range is amazing. They can’t be beat in quality and freshness, and their creativity and precision shines through their all their blends and spices.

We have been playing with their rubs. Napa Valley is a favorite, and they great blends like East African and Moroccan Lamb. Some of their blends include Asado Seasoning, Baharat Spice, Shawarma Spice Mix, Adobo Seasoning and, Za’atar. They have all kinds of curries (including Vadouvan Curry) and chilis. Come on in and see what is in stock!

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