Wildebeest Plums

Wildebeest PlumsThis succulent plum variety from Fitzgerald Fruit is difficult to find in the Bay Area. They have a lovely mottled green and red skin and firm, yellow flesh. With a tangy, complex flavor, they are not so cloyingly sweet as other plum varieties. Wildebeest plums would be fantastic in a plum tart.

Fitzgerald Fruit has been called the Orchard Masters. Their fruit has not been engineered to sacrifice flavor for good looks. At Piedmont Grocery, we agree that every piece of  fruit should be memorable; it should taste sweet, tangy and utterly delicious

Wildebeest plums (and all of Fitzgerald’s stone fruit) are highly per­ish­able. Each piece is picked when it is nearly ripe, and has begun to soften. They should be eaten immediately, but convincing our customers to do this is never a problem!

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