Wine Forest Wild Foods

Wine Forest dried mushroomsTaste the adventure of wild foraging.

Some of our finest-quality pantry staples come from deep in the woods in Napa Valley. Wine Forrest Wild Foods was a pioneer in procuring wild mushrooms, and has expanded to create delicious line of dried mushrooms, side dishes and seasonings that will make your meals exceptional.

Try something new this winter!

Dried mushrooms include:
Black Trumpets
Candy Caps
Lobster Mushroom
Yellowfoot Mushrooms
Mousseron (Fairy Rings)

Wild Sided include:
Porcini Polenta
Porcini Risotto
True Wild Rice Mix
Forest Farro

Seasonings include:
Fennel Pollen Rub
Porcini Powder
Fennel Pollen

And here is a great article on their founder and head huntress, Connie Green, from Edible Marin & Wine Country.

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