Yolélé Fonio

Photo of Yolélé Fonio in a traditional West African dish

You may just discover a new food obsession.
Yolélé Fonio is an ancient West African grain that is light, fluffy, and nutty. Plus, it cooks up in five minutes! It is naturally gluten-free, nutritionally dense, and rich in important nutrients with a low glycemic index.

Fonio goes with just about anything and soaks up spices and sauces beautifully. Cook it just like couscous and it’s perfect in salads, grain bowls, tabouleh, hot sides, and more. Fonio also makes a delicious hot cereal, veggie burger, stuffing, and gluten-free baking ingredient.

To the Dogon people of Mali, fonio is known as The Seed of the Universe—or the grain at the root of all existence. It has been grown and revered across West Africa for over five thousand years.

About Yolélé
Yolélé was founded with the intention of creating economic opportunities for smaller farming communities. It supports biodiverse and regenerative farming throughout Africa. The founders at Yolélé didn’t see the flavors they grew up with reflected in grocery store products, so they developed their own. Now they are helping bring these flavors to the rest of the world.

Yolélé Fonio grain packets are full of flavors inspired by traditional dishes like jollof rice, chicken yassa, and Dakar curry. We are currently carrying these products:

Fonio is the original grain without any spices or additives. Perfect for your recipes.

Yassa! Fonio Pilaf is the base for one of Senegal’s most popular dishes. Chicken yassa is made with heaps of caramelized onions, lime juice, and chilis. Yolélé’s Yassa! Fonio Pilaf is inspired by those comforting, deep flavors: sweet onion, smoky habanero, and bright citrus, all balanced by light and earthy fonio.

Serve with roasted chicken, grilled fish, and veggie skewers.

Greens Fonio Pilaf highlights a signature ingredient in dishes served across West Africa. Nourishing dark leafy greens are the star. Inspired by those recipes, Yolélé Greens! features a bright and satisfying blend of leek, scallion, and parsley. It includes nutrient-dense moringa leaves from this drought-resistant tree grown across West Africa.

Serve with big salads, seafood, in a veggie burger.

Dakar Curry Fonio Pilaf is named after Dakar, the bustling capital of Senegal. This multicultural city welcomes culinary traditions and ingredients from around the world. That includes curry! The Senegalese style is mild, with an emphasis on warm turmeric. Currants offer a pop of sweetness to complement Dakar Curry’s soft spice blend.

Serve with lentils, roasted cauliflower, “fried rice” style

Jollof Tomato Fonio Pilaf is a rich and savory one-pot dish with tomato, onion, bell pepper, and hot chilis, served with braised meat or fish. Each country in West Africans claim their version to be the best, inspiring delicious, fun-filled jollof wars.

Serve with saucy braised meat or fish, hearty greens or beans, in falafel.


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