Zatarain’s Gumbo Filé

Photo of Zatarain's Gumbo Filé with a bowl of gumbo and rice.

Transport yourself to Southern Louisiana!
Zatarain’s Gumbo Filé is the essential seasoning for authentic New Orleans gumbo. Shake a little on top of gumbo or soups just before serving as a delicate seasoning and thickener.

Creating authentic New Orleans flavors is made easy with Zatarain‘s Gumbo Filé. This seasoning comes from the sassafras tree’s leaves and has a place in traditional Cajun and Creole cuisine because it adds a distinct taste to classic recipes.

Filé powder has origins with the Choctaw Native Americans of the American South. They were the first to use dried, ground sassafras leaves as a seasoning. Filé powder is made by harvesting the young leaves and stems of the sassafras tree and grinding them. Filé powder is generally not added until after the vegetables and meats or seafood are finished cooking and removed from the heat source.

If you’re looking for an excellent addition to your gumbo base, Zatarain’s Gumbo Filé can help you bring boldness and texture to your menu. Filé powder is a staple ingredient in several New Orleans classics like gumbo, Cajun clam chowder, Cioppino seafood stew, and Louisiana-style bouillabaisse. It is also traditionally served over corn grits.

Filé powder also pairs perfectly with Cajun favorites like okra and roux whenever you want to add a little more thickness to a dish. Whatever liquid-based sauce or soup you’re preparing, this seasoning will add a unique flavor that complements the rest of your ingredients.

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