Zürsun Idaho Heirloom Beans

Heirloom BeansThe worlds finest heirloom beans and lentils.

We fell in love with Zürsun Beans for their tremendous variety and color. They’re just amazing to even look at, let alone taste!

This delicious, ultimate eco-friendly food is grown on small-scale farms in a region of Idaho known as the Magic Valley Growing Area. It boasts of ideal environmental conditions for growing pure, distinctly flavorful beans.

Zürsun delivers beans fresh from the field and impeccably clean. Their passionate focus provides the most amazing, high-quality bean-eating experience.

Heirloom beans are untouched by genetic science or modern technology. Today there are over 10,000 known varieties that have been handed down from generation to generation. Discovering and enjoying heirloom beans helps preserve traditional varieties.

Plus you can find great recipes on the Zürsun website.

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