Acme Bread Company

Acme Bread CompanyAcme Bread CompanyYou can’t go wrong with Acme Bread Company, a Berkeley culinary legend.

Acme Bread is phenomenal. It is always fresh, made from delicious, top-quality ingredients, and affordably priced.

Their seasonal star is Cranberry Whole Wheat Raisin Walnut—it’s perfect for fall toast. This delicious, and naturally-leavened loaf will stick to your ribs throughout the morning, and keep you feeling well-nourished.

And everything they make is good…so good, we sometimes find it hard to stop.

Piedmont Grocery carries many of their breads including:

Pain Au Levain
Walnut Levain
Whole Wheat Seed Loaf
Whole Wheat Walnut
Cranberry Walnut Wheat loaf
NY Rye
Italian Batard
Sweet Batard
Sour Batard

Herb Slab

Sour Baguette
Sweet Baguette
Rustic Sour Baguette
Rustic Sweet Baguette
Long Italian

Acme Bread Company has an amazing environmental record. Their bread has been made with organic flour since 1999—flour sourced from Giusto’s. Most of their breads are made purely and simply from flour, salt and yeast. They also source organic raisins, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds from Giusto, and organic California sweet cream butter from the Rumiano Cheese Co.

Acme use mostly solar power for their Berkeley bakery, and now fuel all of their diesel trucks and diesel generators with renewable diesel from Golden Gate Petroleum. They make an effort to donate all leftover bread to charitable organizations, schools, and non-profits, with the remainder going into organic livestock feed.

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