Armagnac for the Holidays

Armagnac for the HolidaysHow About a Nice Bottle of Armagnac for the holidays?
Cognac’s lesser-known older sibling, Armagnac is an elusive brandy that is perfect to serve during festive occasions and makes a great holiday gift!

Armagnac is a grape brandy produced in the Gascony region of southwest France. A fuller-bodied style of brandy when compared to Cognac, it is often aged for years and makes an excellent digestif. Armagnac is a more artisanal brandy than cognac and is often made by local family-owned producers rather than large, industrial companies. Armagnac predates cognac by at least two hundred years.

Both varieties of brandy share a lot in common. And, there are distinctions between the two. They are both are produced by distilling wine from a variety of dry and acidic white grapes. But, those grapes are grown in unique microclimates and soils. Armagnac’s unique flavor is a result of its production process. It is released in yearly vintages while Cognac specifies blends like V.S.O.P. and X.O. Armagnac is almost always distilled once, rather than the double distillation of its northern counterpart. This leads to Armagnac having a more robust flavor profile and body.

Armagnac tends to be quite fruit-forward with notes often associated with plums. While there are some notes of spices and caramelized wood, it places less emphasis on the bold leather and musk that you may experience with cognac.

Tips for enjoying a glass of Armagnac
Armagnac is best served at room temperature to open the flavors. In fact, by pressing your hand on the glass, you can gently warm the spirit in order to explore its purity.

If you find an Armagnac too strong, you can use a typical method of adding a droplet of water. By slightly decreasing its strength, you can reduce the alcohol bloom and open the flavors.

Like cognac, Armagnac is usually enjoyed as a digestif following a meal. And, it can be enjoyed with a number of dishes and even blended into cocktails.

Our Recommendations
Delord Bas Armagnac  |  $44.99
10 years old
Woody nose with hints of “rancio” to come. Discreet aromas of vanilla and fruit are satisfying and smooth

X.O.  |  $59.99
15 years old
This exceptional Hors d’Age displays a masterful balance of ripe fruit, wood, and buttery orange pound cake. Smooth and deep with a wealth of rancio (nutty flavor).

Look for rich flavors and dark spices: toffee, burnt caramel, dark-roast coffee, deeply toasted gingerbread embellished with clove and black pepper. The notably long sweet-and spiced finish will not quit.

25 Ans d’ Age  |  $78.99
25 years old
This superb blend displays flavors of cocoa, spices, vanilla, raisins, walnut, and cinnamon. Its finish is long, silky, and biscuity.

Vanilla bean and allspice aromas entice on the nose. The bold, complex palate opens with oak and caramel brushed with toffee and espresso, finishing with a grip of tannins and plum skin dryness. Walnut and clove frame the exit

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